Saturday, 17 September 2011

The end of an era

I’m sorry to report that this will be my last blog post for the foreseeable future! I’ve lost my ‘passion’ for blogging and now that I’ve started A levels and have a job (finally!) I just don’t have the time. Well, ok I do kind of since I hardly have a social life fit to burst but that bit of time I do have I prefer to spend doing nothing (such an exciting person). Along with this I was always a bit of a fraud blogging about beauty products and fashion because in reality I know very little about either! I’ve come to realise that people whittling on about things that they don’t actually know about is one of the most annoying things ever, so for that reason I thought I should stop doing it! I feel sort of emotional letting go of ‘anything and everything’ because I genuinely love to write but I think I’ve just gone about it in the wrong way. Thank you so much for all of you who have followed me and all the lovely comments, it’s been a pleasure! Hope everybody enjoys the rest of their weekend!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Recent purchases and new hair

Woo finally I’m doing a proper post in oppose to endlessly ranting about things that nobody actually cares about! First bit of news is that I’ve finally taken the plunge and chopped my hair off (R.I.P long curls – you won’t be missed) which was obviously an awkward affair. Why do hairdressers have SO many mirrors?! It’s enough to make one near suicidal, especially because those gowns they make you wear are far from flattering. Anyway, you can see this is going on to a lengthy rant so I’ll end hair news there. Although I would just like to point out that this new style leaves me resembling a mash up of a horse and Kerry Katona. Very on trend I hear.

Anyway moving on last Thursday I got my exam results (3a*s, 4a’s, 2b’s and a C). I was pretty happy with them and it’s always reassuring to know that I didn’t miss all those episodes of Coronation Street to revise for nothing! Family members have given me some money for my efforts so I’ve been doing a bit of shopping and thought I’d share my finds with you all. Oh, my laptop loves me for all these painfully slow picture uploads…

Urban Decay nail pallet – Duty free
Shirts – New Look
Wedges – New Look
Brown skinny jeans – New Look
Black skirt – Asos
Bird print shift dress – River Island via asos
Jumper – New Look
I’m like a walking advertisement for New Look, most of my wardrobe is from there, seriously just employ me already!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another catch up

I haven’t blogged in ages (notice how most of my posts state this?) so I thought I’d do a little catch up post just so you all know I’m alive (after recent encounters I thank my lucky stars for this) and still attempting to blog.
I do have excuses for my absence. I’ve endured ten rather disappointing days in Turkey stranded beside a plastic fantastic poolside, complete with screeching children, industrial food and a whole host of Jeremy Kyle show-esque characters. Hell on earth my friends. I know I sound beyond miserable ( I do enjoy a bit of negativity) but oh my gosh, somebody tell me, where is the enjoyment in sitting on a stiff sun lounger for six hours solid, sweating like a pig on thanks giving beneath a scorching sun while being attacked by a mini army of mosquitoes?! Give me an iced coffee, a little rain shower and an episode of Eastenders over that any day. Maybe this type of holiday would have been more enjoyable had I had some company capable of rubbing two brain cells together but, instead I was surrounded by holiday makers who seemed to have learnt the English language from a different dictionary to myself, one that lacked the letter ‘t’ and included some rather repulsive words. By day two I had acquired a second knee on my right leg due to a hideously inflamed mosquito bite, a vile rash on my left arm courtesy of my florescent orange ‘all inclusive’ band (let me tell you, that tacky disgrace was ripped off after 48 hours of shame) and I was reduced to crying silent tears of despair beneath my sunglasses (not that I’m one to over dramatize a situation, obviously.)

However, the worst part of this holiday had to be the day I made the grave mistake of visiting the local market. I was shuffling along behind crowds of people, who are evidently yet to discover the quirks of a stick of Dove deodorant, and desperately trying to keep up with my mum who was, most probably, attempting to loose me when I felt a set of fingers twisting around my upper arm. I turned around to be greeted with one of the creepiest faces I’ve known a man to own (a discovery that set alarms bell ringing straight away). He stood still for around 30 seconds with my arm still in tow and I began to wonder if he was ever going to speak or if I’d managed to paralyse him with the shock of my ugliness. Finally, he whispered in one of those voices that belong in horror movies and horror movies alone ‘are you from paradise?’. Oh dear, somebody needs a trip to the Turkish equivalent of Specsavers. I explained that no I wasn’t and I must get going because my mum was still storming off and I was quickly losing sight of her, but he didn’t care much for my request and before I know it my other arm is being held by a companion of his. By now I was starting to lose my humorous stance on the situation and I could feel hot tears building up behind my eyes at the thought of my year 7 school photo being published all over the news above a ‘missing, possibly stolen’ type headline. It was when they started talk of going back to their apartment that I was getting somewhat desperate and tried to pull myself away but with little success as even my 9 year old brother possesses more strength than me. After 5 minutes of them asking me some rather, erm, personal questions (which I did not answer for the record) I realised that now was not the time to consider dignity and thus began my desperate screeches of ‘MUM’ at the top of my voice. Did she hear? Oh no, don’t be stupid. She was too busy god know where in the market, pondering over the disgusting act of counterfeiting designer goods than to worry about little old me being held hostage by two foreign men who had the same level of personal hygiene as my dog. This screeching went on for around two minutes and astonishingly nobody seemed to think that the 16 year old girl crying for help in the middle of the market was abnormal and so left me to it. To my utter relief I noticed our holiday rep approaching from the distance as he had been stirred my desperate cries on despair (nice of somebody to notice). He began to explain to my capturers that actually you know, grabbing teenage girls is kind of frowned upon and could land them in a bit of trouble and all that. You don’t say?! Reluctantly they let me go leaving me standing awkwardly besides my saviour who was evidently panicking like mad at the concept of having to comfort a distraught 16 year old girl. This served a very uncomfortable 10 minutes as he helped me search for my mum. Eventually we found her pondering over what anklet matched the colour on her toe nails better, she looked slightly relieved to see me still alive and everything and after being nice about the situation for a whole 2 minutes she looked at me and announced ‘Tessa, you really should stop walking off like that.’ Oh my fucking god.

So to conclude, I hate holidaying with the family because every year I’m left trailing behind in a bored trance while my family continue on like I don’t exist. Anybody else had any similar holiday experiences or am I the only one who prefers rainy England over being stuck so closely to the parents for ten days? Let me know!
& good luck to anybody who’s getting results tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lush’s guide to happy feet (review and shameful story)

I was browsing the lush website last week when I spotted Lush’s new ‘happy feet’ set (well I say new, it hasn’t actually got new products in it). The set contained a pot of Volcano foot mask, a pot of fair trade foot lotion and a stepping stone scrub. The idea is that you use each product in stages and, in turn, are left with super softer and (more importantly for the open toed shoe season) presentable feet. I thought I’d talk my mum into buying the set for herself and then steal some for a quick review. I’ll just go into some depth with the foot mask because that was the more involved treatment and I have nothing much to say about the other two, I mean they were ok but certainly nothing worth waffling about.
Volcano foot mask

This product was the one that most interested me in the set, Lush claims that it’s a ‘thick effective mask to draw out deep down dirt.’ Up until now I’ve never heard of nor considered the idea of applying a mask to my feet so I was pretty excited about giving this a go (I lead a sad life). When reading previous reviews I thought this would be pretty simple, just slap some on your feet, wrap in plastic and wait 10 minutes before washing it off however, I soon discovered that there was a particular etiquette to applying this so take note and don’t make the same mistakes I did!
Mistake #1 – Choosing my white carpeted bedroom as my destination for application.
Lush were right to describe this mask as ‘thick’. Honestly, it really is! When applying it I soon realised that it dried and solidified really quickly leaving huge clumps of it stubbornly attached to your hands. This meant it was a bit of a nightmare to put either the plastic bags or cling film (I personally choose cling film as my wrapping, deciding that a Tesco’s bag would have set of an unintentional tramp look far too well) around your feet. I therefore found myself stranded in the middle of my room with one foot weighed down by a spicy smelling clay mask hence being unable to walk. At this point I knew I had two decisions. I could either do the unthinkable and place my foot on the white carpet and forever listen to the outrage of my mother (‘do you know how much I paid for that carpet?!’) or I could hop like a demented creature to the bathroom. The latter option was undeniably more shameful however, needs must and I began to tap into my primary school speciality of being able to hop the egg and spoon race (yes, you heard me right, I was forced to hop the egg and spoon race by a sour faced teacher who should thank her lucky stars that, aged 9, I didn’t know the number for childline). Luckily all that practice had paid off and I got to the bathroom and managed to awkwardly wash my hands and wrap the cling film. By now I could feel the mask heating up over my foot and I was pretty confident that it was doing what it was meant to be doing. I quickly applied the mask to my other foot, washed my hands and wrapped the cling film as I had done before leaving me with a look that I’m sure will be a huge hit in autumn 2011.

Mistake #2 – Ignoring ‘VIRGIN MAN PM’ written on the calendar. I applied this mask and cling film duo thinking I was home alone with only El Barno (a black Labrador who is, shamefully, the most attractive member of our household) present to judge me. This was true until I heard a knock at the door by which time I’m thinking ‘omg fml’ and a selection of other negative acronyms that I’ve picked up from my time searching the urban dictionary. I opened the door to find a man (somewhat attractive may I add) carrying a tool box and wearing a virgin media polo shirt. Now on the social awkward scale I would say that, like myself, he was around an eight. However, the presence of my cling film filled feet (nice bit of alliteration there) rocketed his (and mine) awkwardness up to a big fat 10. Even worse was the fact that he didn’t even acknowledge them but instead pretended it was normal which was very courteous of him but left a very uncomfortable atmosphere. After what felt like years but in reality was around 30 seconds he told me that he had received a letter of complaint and was here to change our box. Erm yeah, I did send a letter of complaint (a favourite pass time of mine) – last summer. What is it they say? The ship’s already sailed my friend. Usually I would point such a poor service out but I just didn’t feel it was socially acceptable for the idiot/ tramp with cling film plastered to the soles of their feet to have an opinion. I expressed my outrage by not offering him a drink and left him in the living room while I ran upstairs to quickly wash the mask off. By the time I got down he was done, said his goodbyes and hurried out of the door.
So did it work?
Well, over all I would say that the mask has improved the state of my feet. After first taking the mask off it was like walking on air and the skin on the bottom of my feet had definitely softened. I was also pretty pleased with the way it had cleaned them, successfully removing discoloured areas (a result of wearing open shoes for the past month) and leaving them baby pink. They’re fit for two weeks in Turkey now and I’ve already ordered my second pot of ‘volcano’ so I can carry on using it throughout the summer. Try it out yourself!
Ha, I’ve only just realised how long this post is! Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Shoes and accessories

Ok, so I haven’t updated in so long it’s almost criminal. I was going to post last week and had even written out a Lush review when I realised I had lent my brother my camera to take to Malia with him. Since my writing skills are nowhere near amusing enough to capture interest in a post without the aid of pictures I decided it would have to hold off until now. I have the camera back, in one piece, which I’m very grateful for however, upon scanning through its files I was greeted with some sights that a sister should never have to see. The worst being a picture of him with nothing more than a cowboy hat to cover his modesty, very Olly Murs (if anybody saw that shoot in Heat?). Only he isn’t Olly Murs. Disturbing, utterly disturbing.
Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve picked up recently, most of which have been in the sale so now I feel like a bit of a bargain hunter ha!

These are all from Accessorize, I know that you’re all aware of how good their sale is at the moment so I won’t bore you with the praises. Earlier followers may remember the flower ring from this post, I never did get around to replacing it so imagine the joy of being re-acquainted with it for less than half the price!

I saw these wedges at the beginning of June and managed to grab them for a mere £10. I’m turning into a bit of a wedge hauler (ha, how weird does that sound?!), I seriously can’t stop buying them! The shame of the matter is that I have nowhere to wear them to so they just litter my bedroom floor collecting dust. I came off worse against a pair of pink sling back wedges the other day, tripping over them and smashing my head against my bedside table, a painful reminder that I need to stop buying these things and tidy my room!

Lastly this bag, ok so it’s not Louis, my dream handbag but at nearly £500 I need to move on with my life and forget that dream. This one had a much more realistic price tag and at £20 I couldn’t resist! It’s huge, most people would probably say it’s too big actually but I’m not a fan of smaller bags. While I do love this it’s a bit of a nightmare to find your belongings in all the space, my arm often gets stuck in it while I’m trying to reach for my purse and I end up looking like a wonky idiot with a deformed arm, not a good look!
Thank you for reading, I’ll post that lush review in the next few days!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Ultrasun Aftersun review...

Ok, so I’ve sort of missed the seasonal opportunity to post this (well, actually I haven’t because it is technically summer it’s just the weather that implies otherwise) but I wanted to ‘rave’ about it anyway.
So a week or two back we had two or three days of blazing sunshine (no doubt that’s all England will be seeing of temperatures above 20 until next summer) and being the not so proud owner of two very pasty, blotchy legs I practically ran out the door to get some colour on them. Well, colour I did get, just not quite the shade I desired. I went out with intentions of ‘golden bronze’ and returned with two square blocks of lobster red on my thighs. The rest of my legs? Still that pasty white milky bottle shade with visible blue veins to enhance their hideousness, I can imagine the envy in your eyes right now!
Anyway, I found this in my draw and decided to use it as replacement of a simple boots aftersun that I usually use. At first I didn’t think much and it certainly didn’t ease the pain but after three or four days of applying it I began to see it as a bit of a saviour!

This aftersun is a non - greasy jell that claims to ‘protect against cell damage for a long lasting tan.’ While I do love this product I question the first claim because upon being sun burnt surely the cell damage is already done? Besides that the product is near flawless. It’s the most non- sticky aftersun I’ve ever worked with and absorbs into the skin within seconds! This means you can put it on after a shower and get dressed straight away without the discomfort of your clothes sticking to the burnt area. It’s in no way greasy either, again another plus when it comes to getting dressed as you don’t have to worry about it getting on your clothes.  While it didn’t take away the pain long term it was extremely cooling when first being applied to the skin which I suppose is better than nothing.

You can see that the jell is near transparent (I know what you all think it looks like in that picture). The product has quite a distinctive smell to it, it’s not particularly pleasant but nor is it awful. In fact it takes me back to my year 5 days when I owned a pink bottle of FCUK body mist, the smell is almost identical!  After applying this once a day for a week the burnt areas began to turn a rich golden brown shade, two perfect squares of tanned skin! I didn’t experience any nasty peeling or itching like I usually do upon being burnt, which I was extremely grateful for because there’s something about peeling skin that makes my stomach churn a little.
To conclude I would refer to ultrasun as a bit of a life saver, turning a viscous red shade to a much more desirable brown without the nasty peeling! I’m pretty sure a 150ml bottle of this cost around £15 and can be picked up from the beauty section in John Lewis. Definitely worth investing in a bottle if, like me, you’re likely to catch the sun a little too much while on holiday!
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Getting back into blogging and prom...

I haven’t posted in around two weeks now which is really bad! I lost my motivation for blogging along the way of exams and fretting over awkward situations such as prom but that’s all done now and I have 10 weeks of pretty much doing nothing (my favourite thing to do, how sad is that?), so I’m sure I’ll be able to fit a lot more posts on here.
My first post back is about prom, feel free to run your mouse to the ‘x’ in the right hand corner of this page because you’re probably all sick of prom posts! I’m also a bit of a fraud posting about prom because I loathed the idea of it and, instead of a celebration, saw it as five hours of pure awkward hell. Luckily I had Holly to keep me company so it wasn’t awful but I’m not going to go as far as applying the word enjoyable to it because, well, that would be a lie. Here are a few photos that weren’t too awful, unlike many of the others! I spent most of Thursday afternoon dying a little inside every time somebody tagged me in a new photo in which I looked beyond hideous in! I’m sure facebook only exists to remind me of how un- photogenic I am!

I only parted with £30 for my dress (asos) and £28 for the shoes (next) and I’m so glad I didn’t spend anymore! Don’t get me wrong, people who had spent more on their dresses looked great and everything, it’s just I don’t personally see much logic behind splashing out on a dress to stand around for a few hours and then have it spend a life time taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. I suppose everybody’s different though.

So that’s it as far as news on prom goes, I’m looking forward to updating my blog more now and have a break from school related things! Hopefully I’ll be able to find a job during summer so I’ll have a bit of spare cash but mostly for something productive to do!

Thank you for reading and thank you for not un-following these last few weeks!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Favourite Fragrances...

*1) TBS White Musk
White musk is probably one of the more controversial scents and up until a couple of years ago I wasn’t a fan and always associated it with little old ladies. Since coming across TBS version I’ve totally changed my opinion and now find the fragrance really ‘clean’ (I’m not sure if you can apply the word clean to a smell, I hope you get what I mean). It’s sort of has a soapy floral ‘kick’ to it. I do refrain from wearing this is as a perfume though and instead use it to spray around my bedroom (oh dear, now you’re all imagining my room to smell like the local retirement home). There was one occasion a year or two back when I wore it to school. I sat down in a geography lesson besides one of the classes more unfriendly characters, he sat there for around 5 minutes snorting his nostrils before announcing (rather loudly) that it smelt like somebody had ‘shat out a garlic chicken kiev.’ He then moved to the front of the class room and never sat next to me again, rather than taking insult from his comments I saw the whole situation as a blessing.
*2) Juicy Couture
I was given my fist bottle of this when it first ‘hit’ shelves in the UK, which if memory serves me right, was 2008. At the time I was only around 13 and had absolutely no interest or adequate taste when it came to perfume, I only wanted a bottle because I was ‘collecting’ Juicy Couture items. This is definitely a taste I now live to regret since Juicy Couture has a line of bags tacky enough to rival even Pauls Boutique and I now have bags and purses collecting dust under my bed. However, I’m still in love with the signature fragrance and even bought a new bottle last summer (this is a rarity for me, I never finish and re-buy products!). It’s a really fruity smell without being too overpowering and during summer it’s perfect. A quick browse of the perfume shop online tells me that it’s heart notes are ‘wild rose’ and ‘princess lily’ with a watermelon top note. This leaves the perfume with a really crisp and fresh smell that sits quite subtly on the skin. I’m really eager to try out some of Juicy’s other fragrances, anybody have any suggestions for the best one?

*3) Jimmy Choo  
I picked a bottle of this up on Tuesday while I was in Boots and I’m confident in saying that this is, by far, my favourite fragrance (even if it did pain me to hand over £50 for a bottle). I’ll try and describe it the best way I can but be warned I am awful at smell descriptions! It’s more of a sweet than floral smell but not so sweet that it’s juvenile and sickly. The perfume shop informs me that the base not is toffee and that smells about right, top notes include ‘pear nectar’ and ‘sweet Italian orange’. The smell is much warmer than Juicy Couture leaving the fragrance fit for both summer and winter use. I would seriously suggest finding a taster of this rather than trying to make sense of my description! The only ‘query’ I have with the perfume is the bottle and packaging. Allegedly Jimmy went for a snake print box to reflect his range of shoes (or so the over erratic women at Boots tells me) , which I suppose is quite clever, just tacky too!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Models Own nails...

Yesterday was my birthday and as far as birthdays go it was a bit of a let-down. Happily, I would write a whole post ranting about the ins and outs of why but I’m trying to refrain from my constant complaining on here! Despite my grievances (does that even make sense?) I did get spoilt and now have the money for a summer wardrobe, expect a haul post next month! I was also treated to what looks like half of Lush so I have loads of reviews in mind which will make a nice change!
Moving back to the point of this post, I went to Boots today and picked up some new nail polishes. I spotted the Models Own polishes on 3 for 2 so decided that today was the day I finally picked some up. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers posting about Models Own, the colours all look gorgeous and everybody seems to love them. However, upon applying ‘Blooboo’ I was not impressed (there’s a surprise). I found the formula really disappointing and hard to work with, being a complete ‘nail art novice’ this is the type of thing that deters me from painting my nails. I just don’t have the patience to try and even out the polish and I simply can’t be doing with that gloopy smudged look all around my cuticles. I also found that the polish had a really strong smell, obviously I accept that nail polishes do smell but this one took the stench to new extremes. Does anybody else find this with Models Own or is it just me being cynical again?  Despite all of the above I’m pretty happy with the colour after around two coats and here’s what my nails look like with a layer of Models Own ‘silver smash up’ over the top.

Before I end this post I just wanted to vent some annoyance. People who can not distinguish the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’ or ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ or ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ or, even more annoyingly, attempt to use ‘intelligent’ language but do so in completely the wrong context should not be allowed on social networking sites.
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Another two purchases…

How boring am I becoming? Apologies for the fact that I only bother to post when I’ve bought something, I actually have a few product reviews in mind, it’s just getting around to typing them up. While I do enjoy reviewing products, writing about them doesn’t come as easily as writing posts like this do so that’s why I haven’t bothered.
So on Thursday (I think it was Thursday, I seem to lose track of the days without the structure of school) my mum took me shopping, big deal? Yes. My mum hasn’t stepped foot inside a shop that doesn’t sell rambling roses or plant pots in longer than I care to remember (well, excluding Tesco’s off course). I’m pretty sure she’s on a mission to visit every garden centre within Hertfordshire before summer’s through. Anyway, as I was saying, she swapped ‘The Dutch Nursery’ for Topshop and treated me to this playsuit. I’m pretty sure the majority of you would have seen it in one place or another, it’s been in loads of magazines I think. I fell in love with the vibrant colours and the cute buttons on the back so I couldn’t resist adding it to my summer wardrobe.

My other purchase? A dress, bought from Dorothy Perkins with my upcoming NRA in mind. While I do like it, the fit on it leaves a lot to be desired. It was definitely made for a suspiciously small chested person! It’s so tight around this area that it squashes my chest down and then sticks out stupid amounts everywhere else on the rest of my body, leaving a very undesirable box shape. Not a good look! I shall be investing in a skinny patent belt to give it some ‘fit’ and shape! I would post a picture of it but well, my camera was annoying me and yeah you can see this is going into another rant so we’ll leave it at that. I’ll be posting about NRA and Prom later this month (much to my dismay) so you’ll see it then.
Thank you reading, I’ve tried to refrain myself from my usual ranting but seriously, how annoying is blogger?! I can still only comment on certain blogs which is beyond infuriating! Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.
Hope everybody has a good week!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Slowly stocking up on summer clothes...

It was my last compulsory school day on Thursday and I’m thinking about what a heartless piece of work I must be because the thought of leaving the people I’ve ‘grown up with’ doesn’t upset me at all. I mean off course there’s the odd exception, like my best friend (Holly) leaving, but I’ll just shove that to the back of my mind along with other troubling thoughts (e.g- my additional science exam.)  In fact other than the above, I see the end of school as quite a joyous occasion, roll on endless lie ins and all the Jeremy Kyle I can feast my eyes upon!
Anyway, so what with all my days at home I’m going to need some more out of school clothes right?! So needless to say I was more than pleased when my Nan went shopping with me in mind and picked up some summer clothes. She also picked me up a new prom dress, I have no idea why because I never requested one, it was expensive and so not me! Lesson learnt this weekend?! Rejecting an expensive gift is very awkward! I came home to find her other purchases sitting at the end of my bed in a Miss Selfridges bag however, they were three rather hideous tops (sorry Nan!). She knows me all too well and I found the gift receipt hidden away at the bottom of the bag. So here’s what I changed them for…

(I’m aware my legs are pasty and disgusting I’m planning on like chopping them off and investing in some new ones.) This playsuit but I’m still not sure on it! I love Miss Selfridges when I have no money, but give me £72 to spend and I struggle to find anything worthy! I tried this on in the shop and was in two minds over it and still am now. I mean I do like it, just on somebody else.
Shorts, because they were £7 off and in my mind that’s a bargain ha! I love Miss Selfridges shorts this summer (excluding the ones that frayed at the hem), they’re so comfy and easy to wear!
Lastly the two rings, you’re probably all getting sick of hearing about the rings I’ve bought so I won’t bother with any detail here. Let’s just leave at that I’m rather obsessed!
Thank you for reading, I’m not expecting many comments because I think blogger has issues yet again. Unless blogger personally despises of me and it’s only myself who can’t leave comments? Hopefully it’s sorted soon! Hope everybody has lovely bank holiday!

Monday, 23 May 2011

A bit of a rant & a catch up...

It’s been a while since I last posted, I know! I’ve really been abandoning the blogging world lately and with no good reason. I feel like posting seriously goes against the ‘I’m dedicated to my revision’ illusion that I’m trying to fool myself in to. I instead spend my time staring at the box of revision books that sits at the end of my bed, throwing them agonising glances and considering when to begin, not good!
Anyway, in my absence I’ve taken part in a tiny amount of shopping so I thought I’d share my recent purchases. I’ve been adding to my slow growing collection of rings and found these two on ASOS. I’m actually really impressed with the quality of them, they don’t leave any nasty marks! While I do love Topshop and Accessorize jewellery the murky green stain it leaves on my index finger isn’t too attractive on the eye and no doubt leaves others questioning the extent of my personal hygiene.    

I also had to take a trip to Miss Selfridge to return the shorts I bought a few weeks back, after wearing them just once they began to fray at the bottom. Needless to say I was not impressed and for £34 I couldn’t let it slide so I had to change them. Obviously they didn’t have another pair in the size I wanted because that would be far too easy, oh Miss Selfridges welcome to my list of much disliked things. I had to settle for a pair in grey instead.

Lastly in my collection of pictures is the door that I have been studying for the past month. Today, I finally finished my whole R.E GCSE so I can take down this sea of post it notes. As joyous as this event may seem I’m actually kind of sad about it (yes, I am a social outcast!) because it’s sort of beginning to end a whole five years of my happy little routine, I don’t want to start sixth form!

I’m finding the exam ‘season’ a little more stressful than I thought I would and my confidence is far from helped by being surrounded by some of the most arrogant teachers to walk Hertfordshire’s pavements. Take my additional science teacher for example, yes I’m talking about you Roundy, who insists that a class anything short of A*’s is a complete failure. He then persisted to complain that I, among others in the class, am wasting my time ‘pretending’ to show dedication to my exams before undermining my achievements in announcing that anything less than a grade A is worthless because after all ‘nobody wants a B or C grade student.’ Ermm well Roundy, fuck you. You didn’t even know my name up until a month or so ago so what would you know about how much work I put into my GCSE’s? I’ll have you know that I now miss Coronation Street on a Thursday in place of revision, that, my friend, is true dedication! Furthermore, was it or was it not you who spent a whole 20 minutes last week informing me about the painting in the Pope’s chapel when really you should have been spouting information on the cerebral cortex? Now, I’m not claiming the ability to foretell the future but I highly doubt OCR are going to be questioning me on the Pope’s artistic interests. Perhaps you should assess your teaching ability before lecturing the rest of us. So I’ll take my C/B and be happy with it, apologies if it doesn’t reach your lofty heights!
Rant over! Hope everybody’s exams are going well!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

What's in my makeup bag: tag.

What seems like ages ago Emma from ‘Cupcakes you say?’ tagged me in a ‘what’s in your makeup bag?’ post. Apologies that I’ve only just got around to doing this, blame it on revision!
Before I continue with the post I should probably let you all know that I am far from a makeup enthusiast (clearly I’m a poor excuse for a beauty blogger). It’s not that I don’t think I need makeup to look attractive because I do, it’s just I can never be bothered to put it on (shocking, I know.) Fear not though because I do have a collection all the same for those rare occasions when I’m feeling at adventurous!
So in my actual makeup bag is all of my relatively cheap standard drug store makeup, nothing to get excited about! The bag is Dior. Up until a few years ago my nan used to work for Dior makeup so she seemed to have an endless supply of Dior goodies to give me.

Below is what I consider my proper makeup. It’s all Laura Geller, I don’t know how many of you have heard of her? My pictures (as usual) make it look cheap and glitterly but it's truely not. I think she’s mainly US based – google her if you want to find out more! The powdered eye liner is my favourite since it’s the only one I can actually apply! The brush for this is amazing, but I was too lazy to take a picture of it (sorry, I’m turning into such a bad blogger!).

My favourite is the powdered foundation because it’s so easy to apply and feels really light on the skin (hate that heavy makeup feeling!). The highlighter is great too, the only downfall being the fact that it’s only a small section surrounded by a sea of unused blusher (I’m not a blush fan!). I also use the Laura Geller primer, mascara and lip pallet but again I didn't bother to photograph them.

Lastly my makeup brushes. They’re Dior and I can really tell the difference from the few cheaper brushes that I’ve tried. The foundation brush in particular works really well!

So that’s it! This post hasn’t been great actually what with my lack of motivation to take decent photos. Blame it on my camera, I’m really hating it at the moment, it’s so heavy and awkward to position so I usually just give up. I’m going to be lazy (ha, again!) and tag you all in this post!
Thank you for reading, I promise my posts will improve once my exams are done! Not that I can use that as an excuse since I’m hardly doing any strenuous revision! You'll be seeing me at 9.25 on The Jeremy Kyle show with all of the other illiterate people the rate I'm going.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lusting over...

So today I stayed in and actually did a respectable amount of revision! Maybe it’s a bit too late considering my exams start in a mere ten days (or something around that figure). I managed to get all the way through a maths paper instead of getting bored halfway through (ok, question 5) and doing something else. I also made a little maths A grade revision wall that I don’t actually understand, at least if somebody walks in my room they’ll see it and think I’m somewhat intelligent! I even made a tiny start on geography natural hazards, but to be honest, that’s more a case of teaching myself the topic in oppose to revising it. Personally, I feel as though that is a crazy amount of work, or at least I do until Monday when I sit beside people who seem to have single handily caused deforestation with their relentless pages of revision notes. How do they concentrate for so long?!

Anyway, since I haven’t been able to actually go shopping I resorted to online window shopping while listening to Jessie J (controversial comment: this is shameful, my inner chav is clearly desperate to get out). As usual I came across endless amounts of clothing that I need in life, so I’m looking forward to my birthday next month! Here are some of my favourites.

Playsuit, Bike tee & Dress:
Floral playsuit:
River Island
New Look


Apologies for this sort of wordy, boring post! My last two posts have had quite a few comments (I consider any amount of 20 unbelievable considering how dull they are) so I just wanted to say thank you to anybody that comments!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Barry M varnishes

Last week I posted a picture of my new Barry M nail polishes which loads of you were interested in (thank you for all of those comments!) so I decided to show you what they looked like on. Take note before you see the varnishes that my awful application skills supported by my equally as bad camera skills serve the colours no justice!

First up is ‘lemon’, which is my least favourite by far! I found this varnish so hard to work with hence why it looks awful upon application. The first time I applied this I messed up the colour so badly that I had to put instant effects over the top of it.

‘Dusky mauve’ is a lot easier to work with, not my favourite but pretty all the same. I think I’ll get more use out of this in the winter.

Lastly my favourite! ‘Berry’ is a perfect pastel for summer, will definitely be re-purchasing this when it runs out!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A little easter shopping!

I’ve loved reading everybody’s Easter posts and finding out about they’re little adventures so now I feel a bit of a fraud telling you that my highlight of the past days has been getting a blood test (where I totally embarrassed myself because I’m such an anxious freak). Anyway, moving swiftly on, I didn’t want much chocolate this year (again, I’m such a fraud) so members of the family opted to buy me some goodies instead, which was much appreciated since my lush supplies were running very low!

(I'm already in love with this, I'm sending my mum to get the biggest bottle she can find of it later this week!)

(Excuse the awful wonky picture, my photography skills leave alot to be desired.)
Barry M:
Dusky Mauve

Finally some high wasted shorts from Miss Selfridges (again bad photo, check them out here) – it’s getting to that time of year when I have to start slowly building up a summer wardrobe (oh what an inconvenience!) and today I could have easily bought the whole of Miss Selfridges, I love their stock at the moment, they’ve definitely found a new fan!  

Expect plenty of reviews in the next few weeks! Hope everybody had a lovely easter.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Liz Earle deep cleansing mask: product review

Regular readers of my blog have probably gathered that I’m a bit of a face mask junkie. Once a month I suffer with quite a bad breakout of spots and am left with an incredibly oily T-Zone (another one of my shameful confessions for you all), this is when I reach for one of my lush fresh face masks but this month I’m all out! Panic stricken and desperate to find a substitute, I resorted to routing around my mum’s cosmetic draw where I found this little gem.

What is it and what’s it meant to do?
The product is a clay face mask designed to ‘draw out impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin looking clean and clear.’ It includes fresh ingredients such as green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose- scented geranium (that’s all a bit of a mouth full!).
How do you use the product?
Liz Earle advises you to smooth generously over your face avoiding lips eye, lips and hairline (well, obviously). Once the mask has been applied you leave it to sit for around 5- 10 minute although I, living life on the edge, left it on for around 15 – 20 minutes (crazy, I know).  You’re then meant to remove it with one of the sponges that comes with the product.
Does it work?
In a nutshell, yes. I applied the mask last night before I got in the shower and as soon as I took it off my face was noticeably softer. When I woke up this morning I had a less horrifying sight greeting me in the mirror as many of my problem areas were drastically reduced in size and redness. My face is also feeling a lot more ‘fresh’ today. Dare I say that I actually prefer the mask to the ones from Lush!
What did I like about it?
Well, the fact it worked was the real deal breaker but other novel touches included the really fresh, yet not over powering, smell. It was also extremely easy to remove, which was a nice change since I usually find myself battling to scrub my Lush ones off!
Where from and how much?
The mask is available from the Liz Earle website and is priced at £12.75 for 75ml, which I think is very fair as this tube has lasted my mum a good few months! The link to it is here if anybody is interested.

Also a quick note to say that I’ve changed my contact email address because traffic sources were showing that people were finding my blog through googling my email address. Firstly, why is anybody googling my email address seven times? I am possibly the most boring person to walk the earth so there really is no need to be stalking me. Anyway, companies have been contacting me about various things on the old address so I just wanted to reassure anybody that that’s fine and I can still reply about the topics in question on that address. The new one is just so I can keep blogging separate from Hotmail and other accounts I have.
Thank you for reading!