Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ocean Salt (p.s - I want my fish bone back)

Ok so I wanted to blog about my favourite Lush product, ‘Ocean Salt.’ Ocean salt in a scrub that, allegedly, consists of 50% sea salt (sorry lush I don’t believe you, I would say 30%.) But anyway… This product is one of the best cleansers that I’ve ever come across! It’s vodka based and feels very refreshing. The scrub is very well ,erm, scrubby I suppose, the large flakes of salt scrub and cleanse the face with great effect.  Lush recommends that you only use this once or twice a week since it can be rather abrasive. Personally I water mine down a little in my hands before applying it so I use it pretty much every day. Before buying the product I expected it to leave my face really dry but I was actually surprised to find it was quite hydrating. A small pot of this costs £6.45.

In other news I have just spent two hours of my life in A&E (why is A&E always such a lengthy affair?!) with a fish bone lodged down the back of my throat (oh, so glamorous I know!) So firstly I just wanted to say thank you to Waitrose, your ‘BONELESS salmon fillet’ was very enjoyable especially at 2 o’clock this morning when I was still trying to cough up its contents. Now usually I enjoy a trip to the hospital (because I’m weird and find them interesting) but not today, oh no far from it! I found myself cornered by 3 medical people armed with some very concerning looking ‘tools’ and insisting that they needed to be shoved down my throat. I think not.  Much to the annoyance of possibly the most arrogant man to the walk the earth, who failed to see why anybody would object to having a huge piece of metal thrust in their mouth to restrain their poor tongue. (This man clearly wasn’t fond of human kind let alone children so why on earth he was working the children’s ward is beyond me.) Anyway the bone was eventually removed (with some very scary  instruments) by another, very friendly and somewhat attractive doctor, who can definitely be considered a friend of mine after becoming so familiar with the back of my throat. Ohh but can I show you the picture of devil bone itself!? No, no I can’t because the arrogant pig from earlier refused to give it to me even though it was technically my property. Well piggy, if you’re reading – enjoy the bone, you foolish man.

Friday, 25 February 2011

If I had three wishes...

Number one
Topshop, bring back the bathtub ring! I saw this ring online back in December and was genuinely amazed at how different it was so, needless to say, it was hot on my ‘what I want for Christmas’ list. My mum asked in four different Topshop stores for it where they all looked at her as though she was an idiot and insisted you couldn’t get bathtubs on rings (it must have been quite embarrassing actually – rather her than me!). By the time she had resorted to ordering it online it was out of stock, never to be seen again! It’s probably high time that I move on with my life and accept that I’m never going to receive this quirky beauty…
P.S – Topshop if you’re reading, I know you hate me because every time I fall in love with something on your website it mysteriously goes out of stock. Harsh. 

Number two
Wouldn’t it be nice if my second wish consisted of £495 appearing out of thin air (hardly an unreasonable request) so that I could complete my life and buy this beautiful bag…

Number three
Jeremy why do I have to be 18 to have the privilege of being in the audience of your show?! As a dedicated fan (and somebody who needs to get a life…) I think it’s only reasonable that I can attend at the age of 16. Come on, I can’t wait to see the fascinating creatures that appear on your show.  I mean it’s quite apparent from the picture below that they’re artistic soles…

I went shopping!

So yesterday I got a few new things since I’m getting to that awful stage in life when I awake at the weekend to find nothing worthy of wearing. My first find was this ‘daisy trim tunic’ from new look and in all honesty I’m not sure how much I actually like it. While it looks very pretty on the hanger once putting it on I realized how ‘floaty’ it is. Don’t get me wrong, floaty is good, however this top has reached the floaty heights of being able to fit around 3 people under it! Along with this it’s extremely see through and is in fact unwearable unless a top is put underneath it (unless of course you are in the minority of people who think that the showing of underwear is a good look.)
New Look £24.99

Ok, so I also bought this pink blazer. Well I say blazer, I’m not really sure that it is. On the website it’s called ‘Lux Draped Jacket.’ I’m quite happy with this, it’s sits a little like a blazer but hangs much more softly meaning it isn’t so structured and harsh. It’s quite thin and the pastel colour leaves it perfect for spring. (My picture serves it no justice, look on their website.)
New Look - £24.99

I also searched Topshop for some new jewellery since they have a few pieces that are quite original. I found a quirky skull necklace and a pretty ring.
Topshop - £12.50

Topshop - £7.50

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Incy nails!

Seeing as it’s half term I decided to take advantage of the freedom of being able to apply some colour to my nails (does anybody else have this pathetic no nail polish rule at their school?!.) I went for a colour from my nails inc collection since they're my favourite! Perhaps to some it would be seen as madness spending over £10 on a bottle of nail polish but I honestly see a difference in the quality. (Unless I just tell myself that to justify spending so much money and make myself feel better.) I find that nails inc is so easy to apply and one brush provides a nice thick coat.  This particular bottle is called ‘Harriet Walk’ (I love their cute quirky names) and as stupid as it sounds I can’t make up my mind about what colour it is! In a ray of natural light it shines a really deep and sophisticated green, however out of light it seems slightly blue and holds much resemblance to another one of their nail polishes that I love , ‘Chesman Place.’ I am very fond of this colour however it hasn’t managed to earn the title of one of my favourites. The picture below shows it applied, take note that I am awful at applying nail polish so I really serve Harriet Walk no justice!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I'm new!

Ok so this is my first attempt at ‘blogging’ this type of thing so I'm not too good at it at the moment! As pathetic as it may sound I know I'm going to be overjoyed when I get a follower! But anyway...
As you’ll soon gather it’s only fair to say that I’m a bit of a ‘lushaholic.’ However, even better than lush, is chocolate so I’m sure you can imagine the joy I felt when I stumbled across a Lush cupcake face mask. The mask is sold in a Lush signature black pot and upon first unscrewing the lid the sweet chocolaty smell is very inviting. It is packed with fresh ingredients and feels extremely soothing while being smeared all over the face (while I’m a fan of the ‘fresh’ approach lush takes be sure to check the use by date on these masks since they only serve a life of three weeks max – keeps them in the fridge for extra freshness!). Lush workers claim that the cupcake mask is a teenage saviour, fighting back against that oily T- zone and I can assure you all that they are right! After applying the mask my face feels completely refreshed and perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m almost sure I can see a difference straight after the first use. Cupcake seems to suck the redness from inflammations, steering me clear of skin related embarrassment for days!  A pot cost £5.25 which may seem quite steep to some people but let me tell you it’s worth it and you get a good few uses from one pot.

 Reaching the end of a lush pot is always a sad state of affairs however, bring back five clean pots to one of their stores and you'll recieve a free fresh mask!

Check out the lush website to find out more information on their products, I would seriously recommend it!