Friday, 25 February 2011

I went shopping!

So yesterday I got a few new things since I’m getting to that awful stage in life when I awake at the weekend to find nothing worthy of wearing. My first find was this ‘daisy trim tunic’ from new look and in all honesty I’m not sure how much I actually like it. While it looks very pretty on the hanger once putting it on I realized how ‘floaty’ it is. Don’t get me wrong, floaty is good, however this top has reached the floaty heights of being able to fit around 3 people under it! Along with this it’s extremely see through and is in fact unwearable unless a top is put underneath it (unless of course you are in the minority of people who think that the showing of underwear is a good look.)
New Look £24.99

Ok, so I also bought this pink blazer. Well I say blazer, I’m not really sure that it is. On the website it’s called ‘Lux Draped Jacket.’ I’m quite happy with this, it’s sits a little like a blazer but hangs much more softly meaning it isn’t so structured and harsh. It’s quite thin and the pastel colour leaves it perfect for spring. (My picture serves it no justice, look on their website.)
New Look - £24.99

I also searched Topshop for some new jewellery since they have a few pieces that are quite original. I found a quirky skull necklace and a pretty ring.
Topshop - £12.50

Topshop - £7.50


Holly said...

Skullky!<3(<Was that his name?)xx

Tess said...

I believe it was Sigourney! ;) xx

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh I love your new items!! The top looks just dreamy on the hanger, I agree..maybe it would look more fitted with a belt or somehow tucked into high waisted shorts or a skirt?

I'm sure you will have no issues rocking that thing!
your newest follower

Tess said...

Thank you! :)
Yeah, I was thinking about investing in a skinny belt so that it sits with some shape!

Peach said...

Your new items are gorgeous! love your ring from topshop, it's very particular and original :)
first top is great on the hanger, and im sure you'll find a way to wear it! with a nice top underneath or with a neutral/beige coloured belt!

we could follow each other if you want, your blog's really interesting!

Tess said...

Thank you :)
I've followed you, x

Christina Marie said...

LOVE that ring! x

Leesha said...

Love your necklace and your ring! x