Thursday, 24 February 2011

Incy nails!

Seeing as it’s half term I decided to take advantage of the freedom of being able to apply some colour to my nails (does anybody else have this pathetic no nail polish rule at their school?!.) I went for a colour from my nails inc collection since they're my favourite! Perhaps to some it would be seen as madness spending over £10 on a bottle of nail polish but I honestly see a difference in the quality. (Unless I just tell myself that to justify spending so much money and make myself feel better.) I find that nails inc is so easy to apply and one brush provides a nice thick coat.  This particular bottle is called ‘Harriet Walk’ (I love their cute quirky names) and as stupid as it sounds I can’t make up my mind about what colour it is! In a ray of natural light it shines a really deep and sophisticated green, however out of light it seems slightly blue and holds much resemblance to another one of their nail polishes that I love , ‘Chesman Place.’ I am very fond of this colour however it hasn’t managed to earn the title of one of my favourites. The picture below shows it applied, take note that I am awful at applying nail polish so I really serve Harriet Walk no justice!


Holly said...

Loving the dominant nail varnish (;!xx

urban_phase said...

nice colour!

Amy McDonnell said...

ello tess!
I found my way here, but dont worry, I follow in private so noone can see me, i think you should return the favour ;-)

i have to say I was confused about the colour aswell last night ahah! <3

Tess said...

Amy I knew you would find me, ever the stalker after all! ;)
I shall return the favour now! xx

Amy McDonnell said...

heyyy i was actually stalking holly! and you're on her followers ACTUALLY :-))))
tarr melove x