Sunday, 27 March 2011

R.I.P. my nails...

Oh, before you read I have twitter now (only like 5 years behind everybody else) - I can hardly use it at the moment but feel free to follow me, I believe the 'follow me' link is on the right hand side of this page!

I’ve always had pretty long nails throughout most of secondary school but lately they’d become extremely weak and vulnerable to chipping. After weeks of them all being different lengths and breaking at any opportunity I’d had enough and decided to cut them off. Well, what a stupid idea. Why am I such an idiot?! Half way through removing them I actually shed a tear (ha, yes I kid you not!) I tell you this not for sympathy but to demonstrate what a pathetic individual I am.
Anyway, to cheer myself up I thought I’d paint my new stubbles that posed as nails. Since this was a particularly sad moment I went all out and used a favourite nail polish of mine, Nails inc’s ‘hall moon street.’ Well, at least that’s what I think it’s called, it’s only a taster bottle so I really have to strain my eyes to see the writing on the bottom. The picture lies, this polish is not red, it’s purple!

I thought I’d upload a picture of my old nails in loving memory. Boo- hoo I miss them, I won’t be drumming my nails on the desks tomorrow at school! The only glimmer of hope in this situation is that my nails do grow very fast so hopefully they’ll forgive me and be back within the month.

Also just wanted to say that I’ve recently reached 50 followers (yay!), so a huge thank you to every followers of mine. This paragraph is so cliché, I know, but I honestly get so excited with every new follower I get, (yes, I need to get a life) and really appreciate all of the lovely comments people leave. It’s really nice to know that somebody is interested in my pointless ramblings!

P.S - My blog photos WILL show - finally (yay!)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Somebody buy me the whole of Topshop?

So the hot (ok, not hot – sunny) weather has left me very keen on the idea of summer shopping. Considering there’s nothing else I should be doing, like preparing for my German speaking exam that I’m already behind on, I thought I’d play my favourite game – ‘If I had more than £5.30 to my name I would buy…’ I’ve think I’ve spent around the last hour searching the Topshop website and it’s safe to say I want around 85% of its contents (roll on my birthday!). I’d thought I’d share a few of my favourites with everybody so that the whole exercise didn’t seem completely wasted. 

I also wanted to show everybody this, look a whole 15 degrees! Ok, so it’s far from a heat wave and I’m not going to be tanning anytime soon but it’s solid double figures.

 However the arrival of the sun does result in the departure of my builder’s top, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of an attractive males body (ATTRACTIVE being the key word here), but this man is far from the acceptable state of baring flesh. I wouldn’t have even been complaining about the situation had the idiot not been head over heels in love with himself, singing so loudly that I could barely hear Willow Smith whipping her hair back and forth on MTV. Honestly, he should have just stamped ‘I’M GAGGING FOR SOME FEMALE ATTENTION’ upon his forehead and been done with it. The sad state of affairs is that he didn’t just lack a top but also a six pack, dignity and a sense of rhythm. Sorry Chris, I cringe for you my friend.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

That Sunday feeling!

Last night I ventured out of my house to attend a friends party, leaving me with very little sleep! So today there’s like 101 things that I should be doing but simply won’t be. Which is annoying because I hate that ‘behind on everything’ feeling! School work is bottom of my priority list at the moment because, while I originally approved of the idea of completing a maths paper every weekend, I’ve now got to the point where another float and ping algebra question could send me over the edge.  Since I’m complaining I may as well share with everybody that I’ve spent lots of my time today stalking the ‘untag’ button on facebook! Does anybody else get nervous at the notification of one new tagged photo?! I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve realised that I’m simply not photogenic enough to have a facebook account, or leave the house for that matter (Ok, slight exaggeration) – but still.  Here are some of the more less shameful photos from last night!

Anyway the main point of this post is to share my love for Lush’s ‘rub, rub, rub’ shower scrub. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely disgusting so a shower gel just wouldn’t cut it today! I found a tub of this hidden away at the back of the bathroom window sill and remembered just how good it was. The scrub smells very refreshing, sort of like fruit (I think). It’s fairly abrasive which is always a plus because I often find shower scrubs a pointless exercise as they’re so soft they hardly exfoliate at all! The one down side to this scrub is that it’s a bit of a mission to wash it off as it leaves the skin feeling slightly ‘slimy’ however, this slimy feeling does fade and you’re left with very moisturised skin. I probably like this scrub so much because that fresh smell hangs around subtly for a good few hours after the shower. The tub suggests you use the scrub to wash your hair but I’ve been a bit sceptical what with my sore scalp. Has anybody ever used it on their hair, does it work?

P.S - Is anybody like super excited at the prospect of 'The Only Way is Essex' returning tonight? Or is it just me that needs to get out more?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lush shower jellies

I know. I only updated my blog on Saturday, I evidently have nothing better to do and clearly need to get a life. Anyway, now that’s been cleared up, I can start on my lush reviews! Lately I’ve been trying to work my way through all of my lush pots so that I have five empty ones to exchange for a free mask (any excuse to visit their store, even if the workers are way too over friendly!)  
First up is ‘Woosh’, a shower jelly. Lush’s shower jellies are a sort of cross between a soap and shower jell. The jelly is pretty solid, you can tear a bit off and use it as you would use a soap however I wouldn’t recommend this. They’re crazily slippery and you’ll find them flying left, right and centre while you’re scrambling around trying to save the jelly from the suction of the drain – not much fun. Instead I tear a bit of the jelly off and foam it up in a polishing sponge. Woosh smells extremely citrusy and refreshing meaning it’s great to use in a morning shower. Afterwards it leaves your skin noticeably softer yet this is only a short lived effect, and within around ten minutes you’ll be back to normal. The fragrance it leaves on your skin doesn’t hang around for very long at all which is another undesirable trait! I bought the large pot of this back in December and it set me (Ok, my mum) back £6 and while it has lasted me all this time that’s probably because I very rarely use it! I would definitely say this product is more of a novelty rather than a luxury, sorry lush I won’t be re- purchasing!

Moving on to the ‘joy of jelly.’ This jelly has the same fragrance as lush’s ‘sex bomb’ bath bomb. For anybody that doesn’t know this smell it’s sort of floral (forgive my awful description, it’s hard to define a ‘lush’ smell!) While I do really like the smell of this jelly I do find it a little sharp (if that makes sense?). I keep mine in the freezer which seems to enhance the smell, the freezer leaves the jelly very cold (obviously) so I’m sure it would be great to use in the summer! The joy of jelly does have one over on ‘Woosh’ in the sense that the smell lasts an awful lot longer and it leaves the skin softer for longer. I’m still not in love with the product but I would consider buying it again when summer comes.    

Has anybody else ever tried these jellies?!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Barry, I’m sorry but I just don’t like you.

As you all know last week I bought the Barry m instant effect top coat. I used it over the top of Barry m mint green and after keeping the colour on for a good few days I really began to hate it. Since it was a new bottle I thought I should try and get some use out of it rather than just leaving it to clutter up the back of my draw with other hated companions such as Polytar. So today I tried using it with natural collections ‘champagne’ colour as a base coat. This is a favourite nail polish of mine since it’s so cheap and the perfect subtle silver colour, putting barry over the top of it was like destroying a beautiful piece of artwork. I think quite a few people like the instant effect top coat because it’s quite different and the concept of it is quite interesting but come on, there’s no denying that the pattern it creates closely resembles the work of a 3 year old armed with a black sharpie.  Sorry Barry, it’s back to the bottom of the draw for you!

If anybody is wondering why I haven’t shown a picture of the natural collection champagne bottle it’s because me and my camera, Cannon, have had a falling out. It’s refusal to focus in on any picture left me infuriated beyond belief. Just to add insult to injury it died midway through uploading pictures, which left me wanting to hurl it out of the windows with the desire of it landing on the army of chavs passing by. 
Anyway, today I hunted out another good find in the New Look sale! I’ve wanted a pair of boots like this for a while now because I wear my flat military boots far too often and these are a good alternative. Usually I avoid heels because I end up walking like a cautious, lopsided, idiot at the speed of a snail but these aren’t very high at all and are actually really comfy. They’re easy to walk in so I’ll probably end up living in them for the next few months (even though I’m like 10 million years behind everybody who got a pair of boots like these ages ago!) I’m always really excited to get shoes in the sale because I’m a shoe size 5/6 like the majority of the female population!

Ok this post is dragging out a little but I just wanted to end it with some blogger recommendations for you. Check out my Amy’s blog here for all things fashion and affordable (also a massive Gossip Girl fan which I’m sure will interest lots of you) – and Emma’s here where you’ll find a very stylish individual with lots of knowledge on make – up – and lastly Holly’s here, I’m sure you all know about her intriguing reviews but just in case you haven’t stumbled across her yet!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Today I just didn't go to school...

So today was the dreaded school abbey service, now abbey services are just simply not my scene. I’m not sure if it’s the epic hill (mountain, actually)  you have to hike up to get there or perhaps the monotone hymns that you’re forced into miming, but the thought of them just feels me with utter dread! So needless to say I just took one of my famous days off (these days are becoming few and far between since the school decided to send a letter home about my suspicious attendance, boo.)
Anyway how did I spend my day? Revising for my mock history exam tomorrow? No. I decided to tidy up my draws since they were getting so unorganized that I’ve been fighting to shut them for the last few days. They’re so tidy now that I had to take pictures to capture the rare scene since I have no doubt that this time next week they will be back in their former shocking state!

Tidying these draws was a bit of a treat actually. Upon sifting through them I found so many clothes that I don’t recall ever leaving the house in, finding them gave me the same feeling of joy I got when I first bought them! Does anybody else just buy clothes and not wear them?! I dread to think how much money I actually waste doing this.

So I thought I'd share my best finds with you all (I couldn't be bothered to picture it all)!

Harem trousers – Topshop
Jumper – New Look
Knitted leggings – New Look
Dress – Miss Selfridge

In other news I decided to give up chocolate for lent just to see if I have any will power at all. Originally I thought this would be quite an easy task until I realised that my chocolate and fudge Alpen bars do indeed include chocolate! I’ve now downgraded to (wait for it) strawberry and yoghurt. I’m confident in saying that these bars are the definition of bland, it was a sad state of affairs picking these up in Tesco’s today. Roll on easter day when I can end this hellish commitment.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Today was boring, so I went shopping...

I wasn't really planning on doing much today until I got beyond bored by which time I decided a mini shopping trip was essential. My first stop was Boots, I picked up their essential eye gel because over the last few days my eyes have become really sore. For only £1.50 I’m not expecting it to make any difference to the appearance of my eyes, I just appreciate how cooling it is (especially after being left in the fridge) and how effectively it relieves that irritating ‘tired eyes feeling.’ I also bought a Boots leave in coconut conditioner simply because of the smell. Regular readers of my blog will know of my tar related hair issues so I’m hoping this spray will disguise the smell of the M25!

While in Boots I saw the Barry m nails effect top coat. Back in half term I was shown this by a friend and was actually amazed at it (it doesn’t take much to amaze me) so I thought I’d pick a bottle up and try it out for myself. I’m a fan at how easy it is to use and the fact that it’s something a bit different however I’m not particularly in love with the print. Although after a few hours it has begun to grow on me.The nail polishes were on 2 for £5 so I also picked up Barry m ‘mint green’ to use as a base coat.

I quickly went for a look around New Look since I saw that they were having a mid-season sale. Upon sifting through the sale rail I found a top that I had had my eye on for a while. For only £7 I couldn’t resist buying it. The top is fairly see through around the chest so I also bought a plain black strappy top to sit underneath it. Take note that it’s one of those tops that only looks good on and that the hanger serves it no justice!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Look, the sky's blue! (along with other things)

It finally feels a tiny bit like summer! Today the sky was so clear that I was actually fooled into thinking that it was warm outside when really it’s like -8765489 degrees (as usual)! Anyway I thought I’d catch a picture of this rarity to share on my blog. Unfortunately a few neighbours caught me hanging out of my window with a very large and suspicious camera. Oh yes, I am now known as the local class A stalker. So there’s another achievement to add to my list of shame.
Anyway today I was going to blog about some make-up. Anybody that knows me see’s that I hardly ever wear make-up (because I can’t be bothered) but various relatives of mine continue to buy me it regardless (no doubt they’re hinting at something.) So now I’m left with a draw full of it! My favourites are from Laura Geller. I’m not sure how many people would have heard of Laura Geller make-up since I don’t think it’s available in the UK (apart from online). The powder foundation from her baked collection called ‘Balance n Brighten’ is one of the best. It’s so easy to apply, it goes on ‘flawless’ with a decent foundation brush. It feels really soft and smooth on the skin too which is a nice change because I often find that cheaper liquid foundations can be quite drying. I believe it’s around £20 for a pot of this which is fairly pricey, however it does last a good few months.

Another favourite from the baked collection is ‘Blush – N Highlight.’ Well actually I only use the highlighter in it so the huge blush section is somewhat annoying! I was advised to apply a small amount of this in the corner of my eye to give them a natural looking brightness and upon trying it out I was actually surprised at how effective it is! It’s also good to use as a subtle and natural eye shadow to draw attention to the eyes and brighten them even more. I have also tried the highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones but personally I find it too shimmery. However I have read a few reviews on this online and everybody else seems to approve of it.  I believe that this pot is around the £20 mark too.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My hair smells like the M25 in the middle of August

Ok so this post is nearly as glamorous and envy provoking as my last! Last week I went to the doctors complaining of a very sore scalp (shameful), I explained to my doctor that I had tried various medical shampoos but nothing seemed to help. With that her eyes lit up and she hastily began to write out a prescription for ‘Polytar’, almost like she was taking joy in prescribing what can only be described as the devil in a tacky white bottle. I, perhaps naively, thought that ‘Polytar’ sounded like a fairly normal shampoo and was quite looking forward to trying it out but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Little did I know this stuff was actually made from tar. Yes, tar – the stuff that they make roads from! The back of the bottle held little reassurance for me too, reading it capital letters ‘DO NOT USE IF SKIN DOES NOT AGREE WITH TAR.’ How is one meant to know whether or not their skin agrees with tar? Do people make habit of lavishing it on themselves?
Oh, but ‘Polytar’ only got worse when I poured it on my hand to find it had the same consistency as gravy (eww.) (The murky brown colour wasn’t all too promising either.) However these are just minor imperfections compared to the utterly vile smell!  The overwhelming stench of tar is a far cry from the sweet smelling ‘Ausie miracle moist’ shampoo that I’m used to. I now find that I have to use crazy amounts of conditioner to disguise the tary odour (not that it works,  I can smell it for hours after!) I’ve used this shampoo twice now and I haven’t really seen much improvement in my scalp however it’s probably far too early for good results yet. Looks like I’m in for another few weeks of this hellish shampoo, oh the joy.