Friday, 4 March 2011

Look, the sky's blue! (along with other things)

It finally feels a tiny bit like summer! Today the sky was so clear that I was actually fooled into thinking that it was warm outside when really it’s like -8765489 degrees (as usual)! Anyway I thought I’d catch a picture of this rarity to share on my blog. Unfortunately a few neighbours caught me hanging out of my window with a very large and suspicious camera. Oh yes, I am now known as the local class A stalker. So there’s another achievement to add to my list of shame.
Anyway today I was going to blog about some make-up. Anybody that knows me see’s that I hardly ever wear make-up (because I can’t be bothered) but various relatives of mine continue to buy me it regardless (no doubt they’re hinting at something.) So now I’m left with a draw full of it! My favourites are from Laura Geller. I’m not sure how many people would have heard of Laura Geller make-up since I don’t think it’s available in the UK (apart from online). The powder foundation from her baked collection called ‘Balance n Brighten’ is one of the best. It’s so easy to apply, it goes on ‘flawless’ with a decent foundation brush. It feels really soft and smooth on the skin too which is a nice change because I often find that cheaper liquid foundations can be quite drying. I believe it’s around £20 for a pot of this which is fairly pricey, however it does last a good few months.

Another favourite from the baked collection is ‘Blush – N Highlight.’ Well actually I only use the highlighter in it so the huge blush section is somewhat annoying! I was advised to apply a small amount of this in the corner of my eye to give them a natural looking brightness and upon trying it out I was actually surprised at how effective it is! It’s also good to use as a subtle and natural eye shadow to draw attention to the eyes and brighten them even more. I have also tried the highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones but personally I find it too shimmery. However I have read a few reviews on this online and everybody else seems to approve of it.  I believe that this pot is around the £20 mark too.


Dylana Suarez said...

Looks amazing!


Emma Jayne said...

this looks really nice, I might have to try it! At the moment I'm using an Accessorize bronzer though which is really similar to this and I LOVE IT.

Emma x