Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lush shower jellies

I know. I only updated my blog on Saturday, I evidently have nothing better to do and clearly need to get a life. Anyway, now that’s been cleared up, I can start on my lush reviews! Lately I’ve been trying to work my way through all of my lush pots so that I have five empty ones to exchange for a free mask (any excuse to visit their store, even if the workers are way too over friendly!)  
First up is ‘Woosh’, a shower jelly. Lush’s shower jellies are a sort of cross between a soap and shower jell. The jelly is pretty solid, you can tear a bit off and use it as you would use a soap however I wouldn’t recommend this. They’re crazily slippery and you’ll find them flying left, right and centre while you’re scrambling around trying to save the jelly from the suction of the drain – not much fun. Instead I tear a bit of the jelly off and foam it up in a polishing sponge. Woosh smells extremely citrusy and refreshing meaning it’s great to use in a morning shower. Afterwards it leaves your skin noticeably softer yet this is only a short lived effect, and within around ten minutes you’ll be back to normal. The fragrance it leaves on your skin doesn’t hang around for very long at all which is another undesirable trait! I bought the large pot of this back in December and it set me (Ok, my mum) back £6 and while it has lasted me all this time that’s probably because I very rarely use it! I would definitely say this product is more of a novelty rather than a luxury, sorry lush I won’t be re- purchasing!

Moving on to the ‘joy of jelly.’ This jelly has the same fragrance as lush’s ‘sex bomb’ bath bomb. For anybody that doesn’t know this smell it’s sort of floral (forgive my awful description, it’s hard to define a ‘lush’ smell!) While I do really like the smell of this jelly I do find it a little sharp (if that makes sense?). I keep mine in the freezer which seems to enhance the smell, the freezer leaves the jelly very cold (obviously) so I’m sure it would be great to use in the summer! The joy of jelly does have one over on ‘Woosh’ in the sense that the smell lasts an awful lot longer and it leaves the skin softer for longer. I’m still not in love with the product but I would consider buying it again when summer comes.    

Has anybody else ever tried these jellies?!


Holly said...

BAM! I need to try one of these, they look very intriging indeed!xx

Christina Marie said...

I LOVE the smell of Whoosh but agree, the scent doesn't last too long on your skin! x

Joanna Louise said...

Hmmm it sounds intriguing yet messy to me! Your idea of breaking of a piece and foaming it with a sponge is a fab idea but it is a shame the scent doesn't last long! I have never tried these - maybe I might give them one go x x x


Great blog!! ;)

ciao ciao from Rome


Nat said...

Haven't tried them, they look really interesting though. Love the freezer idea for the summer x

Peach said...

I have never tried them, just something of the kind, some "solid" little soap balls! but they look really intriguing and interesting, so i'
ll give it a go!

Laura said...

I love Lush products, but the jellies are my least favourite :( I think because i'm really clumsy the jelly kept jumping and flopping out of my hands and going down the shower hole haha!

sweetperfection said...

I love lush!! I have whoosh and agree wouldn't re-purchase not one of lush's best products although it does smell amazing! Also, I recently awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award, if you go to my blog and check out my recent post you will see the details! xx