Sunday, 20 March 2011

That Sunday feeling!

Last night I ventured out of my house to attend a friends party, leaving me with very little sleep! So today there’s like 101 things that I should be doing but simply won’t be. Which is annoying because I hate that ‘behind on everything’ feeling! School work is bottom of my priority list at the moment because, while I originally approved of the idea of completing a maths paper every weekend, I’ve now got to the point where another float and ping algebra question could send me over the edge.  Since I’m complaining I may as well share with everybody that I’ve spent lots of my time today stalking the ‘untag’ button on facebook! Does anybody else get nervous at the notification of one new tagged photo?! I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve realised that I’m simply not photogenic enough to have a facebook account, or leave the house for that matter (Ok, slight exaggeration) – but still.  Here are some of the more less shameful photos from last night!

Anyway the main point of this post is to share my love for Lush’s ‘rub, rub, rub’ shower scrub. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely disgusting so a shower gel just wouldn’t cut it today! I found a tub of this hidden away at the back of the bathroom window sill and remembered just how good it was. The scrub smells very refreshing, sort of like fruit (I think). It’s fairly abrasive which is always a plus because I often find shower scrubs a pointless exercise as they’re so soft they hardly exfoliate at all! The one down side to this scrub is that it’s a bit of a mission to wash it off as it leaves the skin feeling slightly ‘slimy’ however, this slimy feeling does fade and you’re left with very moisturised skin. I probably like this scrub so much because that fresh smell hangs around subtly for a good few hours after the shower. The tub suggests you use the scrub to wash your hair but I’ve been a bit sceptical what with my sore scalp. Has anybody ever used it on their hair, does it work?

P.S - Is anybody like super excited at the prospect of 'The Only Way is Essex' returning tonight? Or is it just me that needs to get out more?


Holly said...

AAAH ONLY WAY IS ESSEX!<3 what would i do without you tessa? i'd be left at an auction with nobody buying me all alone!xx

hollie. said...

i love your blog and noticed your a fairly new blogger like me.
i would really appreciate if you would check out my blog :)

Amy McDonnell said...

I feel privilaged to be on your blog Miss Scott :')

Peach said...

I often have that ‘behind on everything’ feeling, and I hate it! it seems you had a nice night out :)