Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Today I just didn't go to school...

So today was the dreaded school abbey service, now abbey services are just simply not my scene. I’m not sure if it’s the epic hill (mountain, actually)  you have to hike up to get there or perhaps the monotone hymns that you’re forced into miming, but the thought of them just feels me with utter dread! So needless to say I just took one of my famous days off (these days are becoming few and far between since the school decided to send a letter home about my suspicious attendance, boo.)
Anyway how did I spend my day? Revising for my mock history exam tomorrow? No. I decided to tidy up my draws since they were getting so unorganized that I’ve been fighting to shut them for the last few days. They’re so tidy now that I had to take pictures to capture the rare scene since I have no doubt that this time next week they will be back in their former shocking state!

Tidying these draws was a bit of a treat actually. Upon sifting through them I found so many clothes that I don’t recall ever leaving the house in, finding them gave me the same feeling of joy I got when I first bought them! Does anybody else just buy clothes and not wear them?! I dread to think how much money I actually waste doing this.

So I thought I'd share my best finds with you all (I couldn't be bothered to picture it all)!

Harem trousers – Topshop
Jumper – New Look
Knitted leggings – New Look
Dress – Miss Selfridge

In other news I decided to give up chocolate for lent just to see if I have any will power at all. Originally I thought this would be quite an easy task until I realised that my chocolate and fudge Alpen bars do indeed include chocolate! I’ve now downgraded to (wait for it) strawberry and yoghurt. I’m confident in saying that these bars are the definition of bland, it was a sad state of affairs picking these up in Tesco’s today. Roll on easter day when I can end this hellish commitment.


Holly said...

NO CHOCOLATE CRISPY TRAYBAKES FOR YOU (;! I am fond of the rather quirky jumper (;, just think right now we would be walking up that hill to the abbey!xx

H Rija said...

Don't worry I do the same thing - when I usually go shopping I end up buying something as a treat for studying hard. And the clothing I buy I place it safely in my closet or my drawers and don't ever wear any of them cause in the mornings when i get ready for school - i just wear what ever is comfy and warm.
But this spring (hopefully in 11 more days - when it's spring - I made a commitment to wear all of them~)
So make a commitment and i think you will be able to do it! (I am here for online moral support) =D
Good Luck!
My Lyfe ; My Story

JenKissesApples said...

you should try the summer fruit alpen bars :)x

G A B Y said...

Oh I need some knitted leggings! Warm and stylish x

Amy McDonnell said...

I wanted that jumper but never forced myself to buy it!

Tess said...

I got it on sale, £12 ;)

Moniek said...

Nice purchases girl!

Meg said...

I babe,you've a nice blog!
Follow me,if u like,on!

Kenzie said...

I have so many pairs of wool knitted leggings, i love them. They are so warm in the winter!

KatieWrites said...

I love, love, love the New Look jumper. I can't believe it still has the tags on. I would have worn it straight away. Haha.
Anyway, I also gave up chocolate for lent.
Yesterday was probably the hardest and funniest.
My partner and I decided to get a 99 ice-cream with a flake. Not thinking anything more about it, we both walked away from the ice-cream van, when it dawned on us! Flake = chocolate.
We then both pulled out the flake, and proceeded to pick out all the little flakes of chocolate with the end of a pen! May sound extreme, but I wasn't going to give up for the sake of one measly flake. Haha.
I dread to think what people were thinking when they saw us. Though on a plus note the ice-cream was amazing.
Loving the blog by the way. I'm now your new follower.