Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A little easter shopping!

I’ve loved reading everybody’s Easter posts and finding out about they’re little adventures so now I feel a bit of a fraud telling you that my highlight of the past days has been getting a blood test (where I totally embarrassed myself because I’m such an anxious freak). Anyway, moving swiftly on, I didn’t want much chocolate this year (again, I’m such a fraud) so members of the family opted to buy me some goodies instead, which was much appreciated since my lush supplies were running very low!

(I'm already in love with this, I'm sending my mum to get the biggest bottle she can find of it later this week!)

(Excuse the awful wonky picture, my photography skills leave alot to be desired.)
Barry M:
Dusky Mauve

Finally some high wasted shorts from Miss Selfridges (again bad photo, check them out here) – it’s getting to that time of year when I have to start slowly building up a summer wardrobe (oh what an inconvenience!) and today I could have easily bought the whole of Miss Selfridges, I love their stock at the moment, they’ve definitely found a new fan!  

Expect plenty of reviews in the next few weeks! Hope everybody had a lovely easter.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Liz Earle deep cleansing mask: product review

Regular readers of my blog have probably gathered that I’m a bit of a face mask junkie. Once a month I suffer with quite a bad breakout of spots and am left with an incredibly oily T-Zone (another one of my shameful confessions for you all), this is when I reach for one of my lush fresh face masks but this month I’m all out! Panic stricken and desperate to find a substitute, I resorted to routing around my mum’s cosmetic draw where I found this little gem.

What is it and what’s it meant to do?
The product is a clay face mask designed to ‘draw out impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin looking clean and clear.’ It includes fresh ingredients such as green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose- scented geranium (that’s all a bit of a mouth full!).
How do you use the product?
Liz Earle advises you to smooth generously over your face avoiding lips eye, lips and hairline (well, obviously). Once the mask has been applied you leave it to sit for around 5- 10 minute although I, living life on the edge, left it on for around 15 – 20 minutes (crazy, I know).  You’re then meant to remove it with one of the sponges that comes with the product.
Does it work?
In a nutshell, yes. I applied the mask last night before I got in the shower and as soon as I took it off my face was noticeably softer. When I woke up this morning I had a less horrifying sight greeting me in the mirror as many of my problem areas were drastically reduced in size and redness. My face is also feeling a lot more ‘fresh’ today. Dare I say that I actually prefer the mask to the ones from Lush!
What did I like about it?
Well, the fact it worked was the real deal breaker but other novel touches included the really fresh, yet not over powering, smell. It was also extremely easy to remove, which was a nice change since I usually find myself battling to scrub my Lush ones off!
Where from and how much?
The mask is available from the Liz Earle website and is priced at £12.75 for 75ml, which I think is very fair as this tube has lasted my mum a good few months! The link to it is here if anybody is interested.

Also a quick note to say that I’ve changed my contact email address because traffic sources were showing that people were finding my blog through googling my email address. Firstly, why is anybody googling my email address seven times? I am possibly the most boring person to walk the earth so there really is no need to be stalking me. Anyway, companies have been contacting me about various things on the old address so I just wanted to reassure anybody that that’s fine and I can still reply about the topics in question on that address. The new one is just so I can keep blogging separate from Hotmail and other accounts I have.
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stealing Shoes and Breaking Rings...

So I had to attend a family gathering tonight and what with it being my dad’s side of the family, my mum insisted that she needed to go and buy a new outfit to look presentable. After buying herself half of next and attempting to justify it with her 25% discount she looked at me with pitiful eyes and announced that she felt guilty for not buying me anything. Being the doting and selfless daughter that I am I thought it would only be fair to put her out of her despair and direct her in the direction of the Dorothy Perkin’s shoe sale. Once in the shop these beauties stuck out to me. I’ve got a real thing for wedges at the moment and for £15 these were a steal! They’re actually so easy to walk in too which makes them my new all-time favourites!

However, this post will be ended on a very bitter and solemn note. Below you will see the remains of my beloved statement ring. I smacked it along the car door when we arrived at the party and, I kid you not, a part of me died when I heard the flower fall to floor – it was similar to the devastation I felt a few years back upon treading on and breaking my ghds (ouch). The look of horror upon my dad’s face, who thought I had marked his cherished car, was quite a site. He was so relieved that I hadn’t that he offered to buy me a replacement ring in the next few days and luckily accessorize still stock it!



Ha, I’ve just realised how much I waffle on in my posts – apologies! I've also updated three days in a row now (somebody needs to get a life) but fear not because this week I shall revise properly so this is the end of my rambling for atleast a week!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Quick OOTD

I feel so guilty for updating my blog again, I really should be revising. Time is going so fast it’s actually beginning to bother me a little but I’m still not able to motivate myself enough to stick to doing school work frequently! But anyway, I can finally squeeze into my motel playsuit so I thought I’d share my outfit with everyone. Notice the pictures are taken in my builder free garden, yes they’ve finally gone. Although, if truth be told, I will miss listening to their very uneducated conversations, even if it did pain me to hear them debating the answer to 5 divided by 20 and after ruling out 6 decided that the answer was 4. Idiots, it’s 0.25. 

Playsuit - Motel
Cardigan - ASOS
Shoes - River Island
Ring - ASOS

I'm still not a fan of the Barry M instant effects by the way, it's just on because I messed up the pink coat of varnish so much that I needed to hide it! 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Polytar Revisited

Early readers of my blog will know all about my not so pleasant opinions on the shampoo ‘Polytar.’ Just to recap this shampoo was prescribed to be to help with my ‘scalp disorder’ (I reinforce again how shameful this is). Get the whole story here – ‘My hair smells like the M25 in the middle of August.’
Anyway I’ve been enduring the vile procedure of massaging this into my scalp for well over a month now and to my absolute joy I can now see the tacky white plastic at the end of the bottle, yes I have finally run out of Polytar. I thought I’d let you know just how well it did not work – at all. The shampoo lathered up well into a very appealing brown foam that clung to my blistered scalp. As far as a normal shampoo goes it was fine, leaving my hair so clean that it literately did squeak, I should also give it praise for keeping my hair a lot less greasy. However, Polytar, that is where your praise ends. My scalp is still extremely sore and sensitive to the point that running my fingers through my hair results in the appearance of blood (utterly eww). Needless to say it’s somewhat infuriating that I’ve spent the past month allowing the smell of tar to haunt me with no good results at the end. However, I do question whether the fault lies with Polytar or with my doctor, who never did have a proper look at my scalp to realise just how sore it was. Perhaps my flaky, blistered scalp was too much of a challenge for Polytar!
So now I’ve moved on to Neutrogena’s ‘Therapeutic Shampoo’, which smells an awful lot better! Let’s hope this works or I’ll be back to the doctors full of complaints, I shall blog about it at a later date to let you know how this goes!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Weekend In Pictures...

I'm not in the mood for paragraphs of ranting today so enjoy the pictures!

The bluebells in our woods are finally shooting up, I love taking Barney for a walk when it's like this...

I can't enjoy the sunny weather all too much at the moment what with having a building site in oppose to a garden. For those who know me I have taken the liberty of circling famous areas from past stories including the hole I fell down, the pond I was nearly pushed in and the spot where I landed. (haha - these circles aren't too clear actually...)

(The frog is still happy though!)

My builders played this song on loop on Friday afternoon, the inner chav in my actually likes it I'm afraid to say. Perhaps I've taken it a step too far in uploading it to my itunes...

I'm sure it makes me one of the most unsociable and sad people to walk the earth but the sunny weather actually motivates me to revise...

P.S I NEED these shoes in my life ...
(New Look, incase you were wondering)

Hope everybody else had a lovely weekend too! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

General Ramblings

For the past few months I’ve been praying for some miraculous advent that would lead to the cancelation of prom (that or I’d get hit by a bus leaving me unable to attend) but a week or so ago I finally bit the bullet and ordered my dress. Not that this is a particularly exciting event considering I would rather be hit continuously with a very heavy, blunt object then attend what can only be described as the most awkward day of the year (I hear your gasps of shock through the computer screen, to clarify, yes I am a genuine female who does not want to attend prom, I’m sure that makes me abnormal in so many ways.) Anyway, enough rambling, here’s my dress. It’s from the ever trusty ASOS and only set me back £30 (well come on, I was hardly going to splash out.) It’s very simple so hopefully I’ll just blend in and remain unnoticed! I’m always a bit sceptical of ordering clothes online since the model seems to pull them off considerably better than myself, so needless to say I was relieved when this arrived and fitted.  (It's navy, just thought I'd point this out because it looks black in the picture.)

While I was browsing the ASOS website armed with my mother’s credit card I thought it would be foolish to pass an opportunity and not add this angel wing ring to the basket.  I’ve got a bit of a thing for costume rings at the moment, does anybody know where I can get my hands on some quirky (and cheap!) ones?!

While I’m rambling I have to point out that it was a whole 21 degrees today which makes me feel so summery. I’m not sure if this is a good thing since it means that exams are fast approaching and I seem to have absolutely no motivation to do any revision. Let’s hope I sort myself out or you’ll be turning on your TV’s to find me staring back at you on the 9:25 Jeremy Kyle show. While I’m impressed with 21 degrees I wouldn’t object to a few more to force my very attractive (and cute, he eats cupcakes, that’s cute right?!) builder to remove his top. I’m dying to see whether or not he has a six pack lurking under there, at the moment it’s only his rather unattractive companions stripping down!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cosmetic Warrior

Apologies but this is yet another Lush review.
Cosmetic warrior is a face mask from Lush, early readers of my blog will know how I raved about another mask of theirs – ‘cupcake.’ Cosmetic warrior is packed with fresh ingredients (didn’t expect anything less from lush) such as garlic, grapes, free range eggs and tea tree. It was sold to me as being ‘a superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt, calm and soothe all troubled skins.’ Before I go on to talk about how well it worked I have to mention the unforgivably vile smell! Usually Lush products smell so good that it’s a bit of a mission to resist the temptation of having a sneaky taste (I wouldn’t recommend this- not that I’ve tried it or anything ;) ). This particular mask therefore goes against the norm in the sense that it smells so bad that it actually makes me gag a little. Also a little, shall we say, off putting is the slimy remains of grape that you find upon digging your finger into the pot.
Negatives aside the mask itself works pretty well in calming trouble zones on the face, I would be lying if I said it destroyed all my blemishes and spots in just one use but there is definitely a noticeable difference. The mask has a very elastic like texture and feels tight on your skin after around five minutes, I see this as a positive because I like to think that I can actually feel it working! Unlike other face masks from Lush this one is a little trickier to wash off but not so much so that it would deter me from re-purchasing. Over all I would recommend the mask but would just like to point out that it works no better than the Cupcake mask which smells an awful lot better! I’m sure many people can put up with the smell of garlic for ten minute or so but for those who can’t (like myself) stick to the chocolaty smell of Cupcake.  

In other irrelevant news, The Script finally have an official video for my favourite song from Science and Faith, ‘If You Ever Come Back.’ I’m sure most of you have already heard the song since the whole of the female population seem to be devotedly in love with the band just as I am, now I can finally hear it on the music channels too – which is a relief because I’ve been getting sick of ‘For the First Time’ (sorry!). Have a look at the video here if you’re a tad obsessed like me!