Friday, 22 April 2011

Liz Earle deep cleansing mask: product review

Regular readers of my blog have probably gathered that I’m a bit of a face mask junkie. Once a month I suffer with quite a bad breakout of spots and am left with an incredibly oily T-Zone (another one of my shameful confessions for you all), this is when I reach for one of my lush fresh face masks but this month I’m all out! Panic stricken and desperate to find a substitute, I resorted to routing around my mum’s cosmetic draw where I found this little gem.

What is it and what’s it meant to do?
The product is a clay face mask designed to ‘draw out impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin looking clean and clear.’ It includes fresh ingredients such as green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose- scented geranium (that’s all a bit of a mouth full!).
How do you use the product?
Liz Earle advises you to smooth generously over your face avoiding lips eye, lips and hairline (well, obviously). Once the mask has been applied you leave it to sit for around 5- 10 minute although I, living life on the edge, left it on for around 15 – 20 minutes (crazy, I know).  You’re then meant to remove it with one of the sponges that comes with the product.
Does it work?
In a nutshell, yes. I applied the mask last night before I got in the shower and as soon as I took it off my face was noticeably softer. When I woke up this morning I had a less horrifying sight greeting me in the mirror as many of my problem areas were drastically reduced in size and redness. My face is also feeling a lot more ‘fresh’ today. Dare I say that I actually prefer the mask to the ones from Lush!
What did I like about it?
Well, the fact it worked was the real deal breaker but other novel touches included the really fresh, yet not over powering, smell. It was also extremely easy to remove, which was a nice change since I usually find myself battling to scrub my Lush ones off!
Where from and how much?
The mask is available from the Liz Earle website and is priced at £12.75 for 75ml, which I think is very fair as this tube has lasted my mum a good few months! The link to it is here if anybody is interested.

Also a quick note to say that I’ve changed my contact email address because traffic sources were showing that people were finding my blog through googling my email address. Firstly, why is anybody googling my email address seven times? I am possibly the most boring person to walk the earth so there really is no need to be stalking me. Anyway, companies have been contacting me about various things on the old address so I just wanted to reassure anybody that that’s fine and I can still reply about the topics in question on that address. The new one is just so I can keep blogging separate from Hotmail and other accounts I have.
Thank you for reading!


H Rija said...

Thanks for the review! And have a great Easter weekend!

Holly said...

Very good review Tessa! Don't tell Kel you've been using her face mask other wise she might be paying a trip to your good friend the zip up flounder to ensure that you can't find it again!xx

Steffani-Louise said...

thsnks for your comment sweet,i know its never about the orange tinted legs, i would use it but i know too that i will mess it up haha ohh well i'll live with the white for now hahah xx

ohmygoodness said...

Ooooh, lovely review!! I might just have to try this, it sounds amazing! +haha, as if people were googling your email address-nutters!;)xxx

diaswari predani said...

happy Easter

sweet and sugars,

JenKissesApples said...

hey! Thanks for your comment, I agree with you about the lindt bunnies, the worst part is biting their head off! X

Danielle said...

Love this review! Maybe I should try this, sounds amazing! I have such a bad skin care routine, its unbelievable! I should start treating my skin better! Haha, people googling your email adress? Wow, some people have a bit too much spare time! Haha!

Lace n Coffee said...

Thanks for your comment
Great blog!
I've never tried this product before, I do love my face masks too, I love the peel off face masks myself.

Peach Crush said...

wow that seems great :)im so prone to breakouts as well i wish i could try this!

Beauty shades said...

Very good review. Thanks for sharing.

beewaits said...

this looks amazing, i do love a good cleansing mask. some of the best stuff i've used is origins (checks and balance is my standard day wash) but this might merit further exploration xx

Nat said...

Great review! I'm loving Liz Earle products at the moment, haven't tried this mask yet though. Sounds like really good stuff! x

Hannah said...

Okay, I am sure to go out and buy this now! I have had such a bad outbreak - awful! :(

By the way, you are my new favourite blog - just saying! ;)