Thursday, 14 April 2011

Polytar Revisited

Early readers of my blog will know all about my not so pleasant opinions on the shampoo ‘Polytar.’ Just to recap this shampoo was prescribed to be to help with my ‘scalp disorder’ (I reinforce again how shameful this is). Get the whole story here – ‘My hair smells like the M25 in the middle of August.’
Anyway I’ve been enduring the vile procedure of massaging this into my scalp for well over a month now and to my absolute joy I can now see the tacky white plastic at the end of the bottle, yes I have finally run out of Polytar. I thought I’d let you know just how well it did not work – at all. The shampoo lathered up well into a very appealing brown foam that clung to my blistered scalp. As far as a normal shampoo goes it was fine, leaving my hair so clean that it literately did squeak, I should also give it praise for keeping my hair a lot less greasy. However, Polytar, that is where your praise ends. My scalp is still extremely sore and sensitive to the point that running my fingers through my hair results in the appearance of blood (utterly eww). Needless to say it’s somewhat infuriating that I’ve spent the past month allowing the smell of tar to haunt me with no good results at the end. However, I do question whether the fault lies with Polytar or with my doctor, who never did have a proper look at my scalp to realise just how sore it was. Perhaps my flaky, blistered scalp was too much of a challenge for Polytar!
So now I’ve moved on to Neutrogena’s ‘Therapeutic Shampoo’, which smells an awful lot better! Let’s hope this works or I’ll be back to the doctors full of complaints, I shall blog about it at a later date to let you know how this goes!


JenKissesApples said...

i use this when my scalp is dry and flaky, it's flipping marvellous! x

Eloise said...

Hope the neutrogena's a little more pleasant for you!!


Jodiexoxo said...

aw i hope the shampoo works for you :-)

Ellena said...

I have a flakey scalp too and my mums is really bad, i think due to dress from work and getting older but we've used this for ever and it still hasn't worked on my hair :( only slighlty on my mums too. I've found that some shampoo's that are not for dandruf etc clear it up alot better. x