Friday, 15 April 2011

Quick OOTD

I feel so guilty for updating my blog again, I really should be revising. Time is going so fast it’s actually beginning to bother me a little but I’m still not able to motivate myself enough to stick to doing school work frequently! But anyway, I can finally squeeze into my motel playsuit so I thought I’d share my outfit with everyone. Notice the pictures are taken in my builder free garden, yes they’ve finally gone. Although, if truth be told, I will miss listening to their very uneducated conversations, even if it did pain me to hear them debating the answer to 5 divided by 20 and after ruling out 6 decided that the answer was 4. Idiots, it’s 0.25. 

Playsuit - Motel
Cardigan - ASOS
Shoes - River Island
Ring - ASOS

I'm still not a fan of the Barry M instant effects by the way, it's just on because I messed up the pink coat of varnish so much that I needed to hide it! 


Holly said...

I'm pleased that this playsuit has finally worked its way out of your drawer of forgotten clothes however I am very saddened to hear about the departure of Mick :(</3

Eloise said...

Love the playsuit and the broguies. Gutted about the builders, though I have to speak on the phone to them about accounting everyday, it's quite infuriating!!


Shannon said...

The playsuit is really cute :) i've never actually worn a playsuit, i feel it would just look silly on me haha, but you really suit it! And i love the shoes you've paired it with x

aroselikethis said...

i love this look, the playsuit and boots are so cute! unfortunately i can't fit in either of those stores, but i've seen similar pieces in new look in the past :)

i love your blog xx