Sunday, 29 May 2011

Slowly stocking up on summer clothes...

It was my last compulsory school day on Thursday and I’m thinking about what a heartless piece of work I must be because the thought of leaving the people I’ve ‘grown up with’ doesn’t upset me at all. I mean off course there’s the odd exception, like my best friend (Holly) leaving, but I’ll just shove that to the back of my mind along with other troubling thoughts (e.g- my additional science exam.)  In fact other than the above, I see the end of school as quite a joyous occasion, roll on endless lie ins and all the Jeremy Kyle I can feast my eyes upon!
Anyway, so what with all my days at home I’m going to need some more out of school clothes right?! So needless to say I was more than pleased when my Nan went shopping with me in mind and picked up some summer clothes. She also picked me up a new prom dress, I have no idea why because I never requested one, it was expensive and so not me! Lesson learnt this weekend?! Rejecting an expensive gift is very awkward! I came home to find her other purchases sitting at the end of my bed in a Miss Selfridges bag however, they were three rather hideous tops (sorry Nan!). She knows me all too well and I found the gift receipt hidden away at the bottom of the bag. So here’s what I changed them for…

(I’m aware my legs are pasty and disgusting I’m planning on like chopping them off and investing in some new ones.) This playsuit but I’m still not sure on it! I love Miss Selfridges when I have no money, but give me £72 to spend and I struggle to find anything worthy! I tried this on in the shop and was in two minds over it and still am now. I mean I do like it, just on somebody else.
Shorts, because they were £7 off and in my mind that’s a bargain ha! I love Miss Selfridges shorts this summer (excluding the ones that frayed at the hem), they’re so comfy and easy to wear!
Lastly the two rings, you’re probably all getting sick of hearing about the rings I’ve bought so I won’t bother with any detail here. Let’s just leave at that I’m rather obsessed!
Thank you for reading, I’m not expecting many comments because I think blogger has issues yet again. Unless blogger personally despises of me and it’s only myself who can’t leave comments? Hopefully it’s sorted soon! Hope everybody has lovely bank holiday!

Monday, 23 May 2011

A bit of a rant & a catch up...

It’s been a while since I last posted, I know! I’ve really been abandoning the blogging world lately and with no good reason. I feel like posting seriously goes against the ‘I’m dedicated to my revision’ illusion that I’m trying to fool myself in to. I instead spend my time staring at the box of revision books that sits at the end of my bed, throwing them agonising glances and considering when to begin, not good!
Anyway, in my absence I’ve taken part in a tiny amount of shopping so I thought I’d share my recent purchases. I’ve been adding to my slow growing collection of rings and found these two on ASOS. I’m actually really impressed with the quality of them, they don’t leave any nasty marks! While I do love Topshop and Accessorize jewellery the murky green stain it leaves on my index finger isn’t too attractive on the eye and no doubt leaves others questioning the extent of my personal hygiene.    

I also had to take a trip to Miss Selfridge to return the shorts I bought a few weeks back, after wearing them just once they began to fray at the bottom. Needless to say I was not impressed and for £34 I couldn’t let it slide so I had to change them. Obviously they didn’t have another pair in the size I wanted because that would be far too easy, oh Miss Selfridges welcome to my list of much disliked things. I had to settle for a pair in grey instead.

Lastly in my collection of pictures is the door that I have been studying for the past month. Today, I finally finished my whole R.E GCSE so I can take down this sea of post it notes. As joyous as this event may seem I’m actually kind of sad about it (yes, I am a social outcast!) because it’s sort of beginning to end a whole five years of my happy little routine, I don’t want to start sixth form!

I’m finding the exam ‘season’ a little more stressful than I thought I would and my confidence is far from helped by being surrounded by some of the most arrogant teachers to walk Hertfordshire’s pavements. Take my additional science teacher for example, yes I’m talking about you Roundy, who insists that a class anything short of A*’s is a complete failure. He then persisted to complain that I, among others in the class, am wasting my time ‘pretending’ to show dedication to my exams before undermining my achievements in announcing that anything less than a grade A is worthless because after all ‘nobody wants a B or C grade student.’ Ermm well Roundy, fuck you. You didn’t even know my name up until a month or so ago so what would you know about how much work I put into my GCSE’s? I’ll have you know that I now miss Coronation Street on a Thursday in place of revision, that, my friend, is true dedication! Furthermore, was it or was it not you who spent a whole 20 minutes last week informing me about the painting in the Pope’s chapel when really you should have been spouting information on the cerebral cortex? Now, I’m not claiming the ability to foretell the future but I highly doubt OCR are going to be questioning me on the Pope’s artistic interests. Perhaps you should assess your teaching ability before lecturing the rest of us. So I’ll take my C/B and be happy with it, apologies if it doesn’t reach your lofty heights!
Rant over! Hope everybody’s exams are going well!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

What's in my makeup bag: tag.

What seems like ages ago Emma from ‘Cupcakes you say?’ tagged me in a ‘what’s in your makeup bag?’ post. Apologies that I’ve only just got around to doing this, blame it on revision!
Before I continue with the post I should probably let you all know that I am far from a makeup enthusiast (clearly I’m a poor excuse for a beauty blogger). It’s not that I don’t think I need makeup to look attractive because I do, it’s just I can never be bothered to put it on (shocking, I know.) Fear not though because I do have a collection all the same for those rare occasions when I’m feeling at adventurous!
So in my actual makeup bag is all of my relatively cheap standard drug store makeup, nothing to get excited about! The bag is Dior. Up until a few years ago my nan used to work for Dior makeup so she seemed to have an endless supply of Dior goodies to give me.

Below is what I consider my proper makeup. It’s all Laura Geller, I don’t know how many of you have heard of her? My pictures (as usual) make it look cheap and glitterly but it's truely not. I think she’s mainly US based – google her if you want to find out more! The powdered eye liner is my favourite since it’s the only one I can actually apply! The brush for this is amazing, but I was too lazy to take a picture of it (sorry, I’m turning into such a bad blogger!).

My favourite is the powdered foundation because it’s so easy to apply and feels really light on the skin (hate that heavy makeup feeling!). The highlighter is great too, the only downfall being the fact that it’s only a small section surrounded by a sea of unused blusher (I’m not a blush fan!). I also use the Laura Geller primer, mascara and lip pallet but again I didn't bother to photograph them.

Lastly my makeup brushes. They’re Dior and I can really tell the difference from the few cheaper brushes that I’ve tried. The foundation brush in particular works really well!

So that’s it! This post hasn’t been great actually what with my lack of motivation to take decent photos. Blame it on my camera, I’m really hating it at the moment, it’s so heavy and awkward to position so I usually just give up. I’m going to be lazy (ha, again!) and tag you all in this post!
Thank you for reading, I promise my posts will improve once my exams are done! Not that I can use that as an excuse since I’m hardly doing any strenuous revision! You'll be seeing me at 9.25 on The Jeremy Kyle show with all of the other illiterate people the rate I'm going.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lusting over...

So today I stayed in and actually did a respectable amount of revision! Maybe it’s a bit too late considering my exams start in a mere ten days (or something around that figure). I managed to get all the way through a maths paper instead of getting bored halfway through (ok, question 5) and doing something else. I also made a little maths A grade revision wall that I don’t actually understand, at least if somebody walks in my room they’ll see it and think I’m somewhat intelligent! I even made a tiny start on geography natural hazards, but to be honest, that’s more a case of teaching myself the topic in oppose to revising it. Personally, I feel as though that is a crazy amount of work, or at least I do until Monday when I sit beside people who seem to have single handily caused deforestation with their relentless pages of revision notes. How do they concentrate for so long?!

Anyway, since I haven’t been able to actually go shopping I resorted to online window shopping while listening to Jessie J (controversial comment: this is shameful, my inner chav is clearly desperate to get out). As usual I came across endless amounts of clothing that I need in life, so I’m looking forward to my birthday next month! Here are some of my favourites.

Playsuit, Bike tee & Dress:
Floral playsuit:
River Island
New Look


Apologies for this sort of wordy, boring post! My last two posts have had quite a few comments (I consider any amount of 20 unbelievable considering how dull they are) so I just wanted to say thank you to anybody that comments!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Barry M varnishes

Last week I posted a picture of my new Barry M nail polishes which loads of you were interested in (thank you for all of those comments!) so I decided to show you what they looked like on. Take note before you see the varnishes that my awful application skills supported by my equally as bad camera skills serve the colours no justice!

First up is ‘lemon’, which is my least favourite by far! I found this varnish so hard to work with hence why it looks awful upon application. The first time I applied this I messed up the colour so badly that I had to put instant effects over the top of it.

‘Dusky mauve’ is a lot easier to work with, not my favourite but pretty all the same. I think I’ll get more use out of this in the winter.

Lastly my favourite! ‘Berry’ is a perfect pastel for summer, will definitely be re-purchasing this when it runs out!