Thursday, 28 July 2011

Shoes and accessories

Ok, so I haven’t updated in so long it’s almost criminal. I was going to post last week and had even written out a Lush review when I realised I had lent my brother my camera to take to Malia with him. Since my writing skills are nowhere near amusing enough to capture interest in a post without the aid of pictures I decided it would have to hold off until now. I have the camera back, in one piece, which I’m very grateful for however, upon scanning through its files I was greeted with some sights that a sister should never have to see. The worst being a picture of him with nothing more than a cowboy hat to cover his modesty, very Olly Murs (if anybody saw that shoot in Heat?). Only he isn’t Olly Murs. Disturbing, utterly disturbing.
Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve picked up recently, most of which have been in the sale so now I feel like a bit of a bargain hunter ha!

These are all from Accessorize, I know that you’re all aware of how good their sale is at the moment so I won’t bore you with the praises. Earlier followers may remember the flower ring from this post, I never did get around to replacing it so imagine the joy of being re-acquainted with it for less than half the price!

I saw these wedges at the beginning of June and managed to grab them for a mere £10. I’m turning into a bit of a wedge hauler (ha, how weird does that sound?!), I seriously can’t stop buying them! The shame of the matter is that I have nowhere to wear them to so they just litter my bedroom floor collecting dust. I came off worse against a pair of pink sling back wedges the other day, tripping over them and smashing my head against my bedside table, a painful reminder that I need to stop buying these things and tidy my room!

Lastly this bag, ok so it’s not Louis, my dream handbag but at nearly £500 I need to move on with my life and forget that dream. This one had a much more realistic price tag and at £20 I couldn’t resist! It’s huge, most people would probably say it’s too big actually but I’m not a fan of smaller bags. While I do love this it’s a bit of a nightmare to find your belongings in all the space, my arm often gets stuck in it while I’m trying to reach for my purse and I end up looking like a wonky idiot with a deformed arm, not a good look!
Thank you for reading, I’ll post that lush review in the next few days!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Ultrasun Aftersun review...

Ok, so I’ve sort of missed the seasonal opportunity to post this (well, actually I haven’t because it is technically summer it’s just the weather that implies otherwise) but I wanted to ‘rave’ about it anyway.
So a week or two back we had two or three days of blazing sunshine (no doubt that’s all England will be seeing of temperatures above 20 until next summer) and being the not so proud owner of two very pasty, blotchy legs I practically ran out the door to get some colour on them. Well, colour I did get, just not quite the shade I desired. I went out with intentions of ‘golden bronze’ and returned with two square blocks of lobster red on my thighs. The rest of my legs? Still that pasty white milky bottle shade with visible blue veins to enhance their hideousness, I can imagine the envy in your eyes right now!
Anyway, I found this in my draw and decided to use it as replacement of a simple boots aftersun that I usually use. At first I didn’t think much and it certainly didn’t ease the pain but after three or four days of applying it I began to see it as a bit of a saviour!

This aftersun is a non - greasy jell that claims to ‘protect against cell damage for a long lasting tan.’ While I do love this product I question the first claim because upon being sun burnt surely the cell damage is already done? Besides that the product is near flawless. It’s the most non- sticky aftersun I’ve ever worked with and absorbs into the skin within seconds! This means you can put it on after a shower and get dressed straight away without the discomfort of your clothes sticking to the burnt area. It’s in no way greasy either, again another plus when it comes to getting dressed as you don’t have to worry about it getting on your clothes.  While it didn’t take away the pain long term it was extremely cooling when first being applied to the skin which I suppose is better than nothing.

You can see that the jell is near transparent (I know what you all think it looks like in that picture). The product has quite a distinctive smell to it, it’s not particularly pleasant but nor is it awful. In fact it takes me back to my year 5 days when I owned a pink bottle of FCUK body mist, the smell is almost identical!  After applying this once a day for a week the burnt areas began to turn a rich golden brown shade, two perfect squares of tanned skin! I didn’t experience any nasty peeling or itching like I usually do upon being burnt, which I was extremely grateful for because there’s something about peeling skin that makes my stomach churn a little.
To conclude I would refer to ultrasun as a bit of a life saver, turning a viscous red shade to a much more desirable brown without the nasty peeling! I’m pretty sure a 150ml bottle of this cost around £15 and can be picked up from the beauty section in John Lewis. Definitely worth investing in a bottle if, like me, you’re likely to catch the sun a little too much while on holiday!
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Getting back into blogging and prom...

I haven’t posted in around two weeks now which is really bad! I lost my motivation for blogging along the way of exams and fretting over awkward situations such as prom but that’s all done now and I have 10 weeks of pretty much doing nothing (my favourite thing to do, how sad is that?), so I’m sure I’ll be able to fit a lot more posts on here.
My first post back is about prom, feel free to run your mouse to the ‘x’ in the right hand corner of this page because you’re probably all sick of prom posts! I’m also a bit of a fraud posting about prom because I loathed the idea of it and, instead of a celebration, saw it as five hours of pure awkward hell. Luckily I had Holly to keep me company so it wasn’t awful but I’m not going to go as far as applying the word enjoyable to it because, well, that would be a lie. Here are a few photos that weren’t too awful, unlike many of the others! I spent most of Thursday afternoon dying a little inside every time somebody tagged me in a new photo in which I looked beyond hideous in! I’m sure facebook only exists to remind me of how un- photogenic I am!

I only parted with £30 for my dress (asos) and £28 for the shoes (next) and I’m so glad I didn’t spend anymore! Don’t get me wrong, people who had spent more on their dresses looked great and everything, it’s just I don’t personally see much logic behind splashing out on a dress to stand around for a few hours and then have it spend a life time taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. I suppose everybody’s different though.

So that’s it as far as news on prom goes, I’m looking forward to updating my blog more now and have a break from school related things! Hopefully I’ll be able to find a job during summer so I’ll have a bit of spare cash but mostly for something productive to do!

Thank you for reading and thank you for not un-following these last few weeks!